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Gestanin Tablet


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Gestanin has been commonly used to prevent habitual spontaneous abortion as well as in the prevention of premature labor, but is not currently recommended for such uses any longer. Gestanin is progestogen, which is in fact closely and structurally similar to the hormone progesterone. In patients with a proven progesterone deficiency, progestogen has been proven to help women carry fetuses to term.

Gestanin is specifically designed to be taken during pregnancy, but still carries a small risk of ill effects just like all medications during pregnancy. Gestanin should be discontinued after delivery as it may affect a nursing infant to a small but noticeable degree combined with the knowledge that it is no longer a necessary medication post partum. This medication is not approved for children under the age 16.

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Active Indredients

Active ingredient in Gestanin is Allylestrenol.

How to take this Medicine?

Since the medication is intended for pregnant women, Gestanon should not be taken without the supervision of a healthcare professional. Its use and progressive effect on the patient must be closely monitored by a healthcare professional. Just the right amount of the medication is all that is needed to benefit from its positive effects.

The usual dosage of Gestanon is 5mg to be taken three times daily. A patient must not exceed the maximum amount of 20mg a day to be safe. Your dosage requirement may vary depending on your condition. Only your doctor would be able to determine, based on a series of tests, how much Gestanon you need daily to benefit from it. Never use another person’s prescription for your condition. Take time to see the doctor yourself and talk with them about the indications and contraindications of the medicine that may occur in your case.

Gestanon is found ineffective to a pregnancy threatened by placental dysfunction. Aside from maintaining pregnancy, fetuses that were administered with Gestanon proved to have slightly higher birth weight than usual. Although Gestanon basically interferes with pregnancy, a series of tests have proven that it does not cause fetal harm and is essentially safe. Case-controlled studies only showed positive effects of Gestanon in holding up threatened and recurrent miscarriage. Prolonged intake and higher doses also help to stop premature labor.

Precautions And Safety Warnings/ Overdose

Special precaution must be taken by pregnant women who are diabetic and who have a history of heart problems and kidney failures. Although pregnant women hardly take any medicines apart from supplements that are needed to keep them and their baby healthy, taking any medication along with Gestanon must be done through consultation with your doctor.


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